SANIMET spa is a Company established in 1993 thanks to the will of a group of galvanizers with the purpose to recover the spent acid baths in order to obtain new valuable products for the galvanizing and chemical industry.

So SANIMET was born to be a valid support for the galvanizers, offering reliable services and quality products.

In these years, thanks to a policy of constant development and optimization of its own process and products, SANIMET has been recognized as an important and dynamic international company.

Our range includes:

  • Zinc chloride solution (28 - 42 - 63%);
  • Zinc ammonium chloride double salt solution;
  • Zinc ammonium chloride double salt powder;
  • Triple salt for fluxes;
  • Recycling of spent flux baths;
  • Purification of stripping acids rich in zinc.